Samarkand tours and excursions

Samarkand is an ancient city where cultural treasures of the East and unique medieval architectural monuments have been preserved, that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The modern city has certainly changed since the medieval times, but it still attracts travelers with its grand domes adorned with mosaic and its minaret arks. Tours in Samarkand is an exciting journey to the city that stands beside Rome and Babylon in its ancientness.

Samarkand tours Samarkand tours Samarkand tours

During the excursion, you will see the main symbol of the city – the Registan square, there are three medreses located of Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tilla-Kori. You will also visit the mosque of Bibi-Khanum built in honor of a beloved wife of Amir Temur. Poets and writers of that time were comparing the dome of Bibi-Khanum mosque to the firmament, and the portal ark to the Milky Way. You will visit the complex of Shah-i-Zinda located not far from the Bibi-Khanum that consists of 11 mausoleums of 14-15th centuries. Among other stops in your Samarkand tour are grand mausoleum of the Temurids Gur-Emir, that has turned into a prototype of Taj-Mahal in Agra; mausoleum of the prophet Daniel honored by followers of three religions; Ulugbek observatory, where the famous scientist created numerous scientific works on astronomy.

Samarkand tours Samarkand tours Samarkand tours

In the surroundings of Samarkand you can visit the paper factory “Meros” where paper is produced according to old technologies. Here you will see each step of creation of Samarkand paper that can be preserved for 300-400 years. Later under the cool shade of the trees and gentle murmur of the Siab River, you will be treated to Samarkand plov and delicious fruit.

You will not only take colorful souvenirs from Samarkand, but also warm memories of the genuine oriental hospitality.